Delta Computer Science College, Rangpur has a rich library containing about fifty thousand books. Besides, engineering books it has a large collection of books to enrich the knowledge of young learners. The library principally serves both staff and students in this institution. Students and teachers can borrow books from the library.

Library Facilities

  • Students and teachers can borrow books.
  • Students have regular scheduled class periods in the library.
  • Subscribes dailies (14), weeklies, fortnightlies and monthlies.
  • Preserves question papers of the public and internal exams.
  • Provides Computer use and Internet access to teachers and students.


Delta Computer Science College endeavors to provide its students adequate laboratory facilities in each semester, especially for the science and engineering students. Each of the undergraduate programs of the faculty Computer Science and Engineering is intensively laboratory oriented. From the very beginning the faculty is trying its level best to establish different laboratories and procure sophisticated equipment. The following laboratories have already been established:

Lab Facilities

  • Analog Electronics Laboratory
  • Electrical Circuits Laboratory
  • Computer Networks Laboratory
  • Digital Electronic Laboratory
  • Data Communication Laboratory
  • Programming Laboratory
  • Software Laboratory
  • Windows Network Laboratory
  • Linux Network Laboratory