Delta Computer Science College, Rangpur

Lab Facilities

DCSC has Hardware, Software, Network Labs equipped with latest PCs. Each student gets a single PC or workstation to use in the Lab. Delta is always updating it's Labs with latest equipment's as required. It also has a Digital Electronics Laboratory.

Internet Facilities

DCSC is connected with internet and is going to connect with high speed data transmission line shortly; which will be connected to information Super Highway.

Hostel Facilities

DCSC is currently helping its outside students to accommodate nearby suitable student match, untill it sets up it's own permanent facilities.


Special attention is given to each student. Any weakness or problems students may have, will be solved by the faculty members. Students don't have to seek any outside private tutoring.

Job Placement

DCSC is going to provide jobs for its top graduates and will help the others to find jobs in software, hardware and other business industries. DCSC expects to set up its own "Software Industry" in the future, to provide jobs for its own graduates as software engineers, programmers, system analysts, accounts and marketing executives.